Queen of Cups

In 2021 Ayesha moved to the quirky town of Glastonbury, Somerset, where she founded the Queen of Cups Restaurant and Freehouse. She is Chef Patron of this 17th-century coaching inn, turned modern Middle Eastern restaurant. 

Diners can expect gloriously colourful and delicious dishes such as Lavender braised lamb, sorrel yoghurt, grilled plums, giant cous cous, kataif and red shatta and Laverbread falafel, sumac, lime fennel, tahini. Ayesha will take traditional dishes and always put her own spin on it, such as her seasonal special Shish Barak – dumplings served in yoghurt, made with pork, wild garlic and chanterelles.

My dishes are not authentically Middle Eastern – they are my own interpretation; it is food seen through my lens. I use local produce and ingredients to create food that feels true to myself, my area and my ideas.

Ayesha Kalaji 

Ayesha has incredible relationships with her suppliers. She buys her meat from the local butcher, and works with Useful Beyond Buildings for her fruit and veg. Her relationship is so strong with them in fact, that they even grow Middle Eastern produce specifically for Queen of Cups such as Aleppo Chillis and Syrian Wild Za’atar. 

These relationships go beyond her food suppliers but also her drink suppliers, using local cider makers supplying incredible quality, complex ciders, some keeved with quinces and berries for unique flavours that work beautifully with her food. A wine expert herself with a level 3 WSET, Ayesha’s wines are all specially selected and include wines from France, Spain, Italy and also Lebanon. Being incredibly particular about which producers they choose, the wines are all made by small producers, avoiding big conglomerates, and working only with independent makers with talent and heart.

For more information and to book, please see the Queen of Cups Website.